The studio model also had internal lighting for its impulse deck and front windows. 1. “Star Trek” superfan Adam Schneider (right) receives a plaque from Hans Mikatis of Master Shipwrights, Inc., during the unveiling of the restored Galileo shuttlecraft on June 22, 2013. People Cat Roberts. A graduate from both Columbia University, in New York City, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Schneider has never worked for the motion picture industry, but is employed in daily life at Oliver Wyman, New York City, as a management consultant. Doug and Glen hit pay dirt, we were able to use Doug’s Academy Award winner discount to get 600 dpi scans of previously unreleased photographs (not grainy film clips) of the studio model of the Enterprise, plus shots of the newly built Galileo miniature before it was fully detailed. Adam Schneider, Actor: Star Trek Continues. Growing up in the 1960s, Adam Schneider was enamored with the space race and America’s journey to the moon. Birth name: Miarecki has helped Schneider out with restoring several of his auction winnings. Growing up in the 1960s, he became a first-generation fan of the Star Trek: The Original Series during its original run. Over the past few years, management consultant Adam Schneider of Livingston, N.J., satisfied his love of Star Trek with collecting miniatures. Thank for returning for this final chapter in Round 2 consultant, Gary Kerr’s, history on the Galileo shuttle. Against all odds, both of the original Galileos have survived over 50 years of rain, sun, floods, crushing, and neglect. Roles: Enter Adam and Alec. [8] His assignment had some ironic aspects though, as the museum had assembled the team for the express purpose to avoid the controversy that had followed the previous 1991-1992 restoration of the model by Ed Miarecki, whereas he had been contracted by Schneider himself for the restoration of several of his own holdings. Featured as well in this section of the episode was Star Trek: Voyager's The Doctor performer, Robert Picardo, who was among the Star Trek alumni who attended the unveiling of the Galileo mock-up at the Space Center. 15 sept. 2016 - Simon Delart - Illustrator / Illustrateur - Commission Work / Graphic Designer / Graphiste / Poster Art Paris, France During the restoration, Greg gave the model something that it had never had, a dash between the large “NCC” and “1701” on the side of the ship. 3, STAR TREK Modeling: A Brief History of the Shuttlecraft Galileo Pt.2, STAR TREK Modeling: A Brief History of the Shuttlecraft Galileo Pt. Question: I see the photo with Mr. Schneider and presumably his spouse. Richard Datin had decal sheets with markings for both the Galileo and Columbus, but only the Galileo markings were ever applied to the model. The dash had accidentally been omitted from the 1966 decal sheet, and a quarter-century later, that oversight was remedied. The model’s last public appearance was in 1993-94 at an exhibition at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. Schneider has in Star Trek lore attained somewhat of … The Galileo prop is now on display at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s visitor’s center in Houston, Texas. The Galileo's restorer, "Star Trek" superfan Adam Schneider, thinks that the space center — which is next to NASA's home base for Mission Control and the astronaut corps. It was both for his collection of Star Trek memorabilia, as well as his Galileo restoration efforts, that Schneider became prominently featured in the September 2013 "Star Trek" episode of the documentary series FanAddicts!. Titles Star Trek Continues, Fairest of Them All Save for the editor(s)-in-chief, British partwork publications typically do not list editorial staff credits. It is pictured June 22, 2013. Dwyer used the model as set dressing in Riker’s quarters in the 7th episode of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Lonely Among Us“, which was filmed from August 26-September 3, 1987. Early the following year, master model maker Greg Jein, who had begun to refurbish the model, loaned it to the local “Equicon ’88 Science Fiction Convention“, where it was on display from April 1-3, 1988. Lift points were added so the heavy mock-up could be moved safely. As he walked into the showroom, the first thing he saw was the eight-foot model of the Starship Enterprise – the one used in the Star Trek films, prompting his first thought, "Oh my gosh, that's the actual thing," [1] having additionally stated, "I was going to have one of those, even if it killed me..." (FanAddicts!). official website in which Schneider appeared alongside model and prop maker Ed Miarecki, formerly of Science Fiction Modelmaking Associates and Industrial Light & Magic. Restoration of the mock-up did not encounter as nearly as much of the problems and setbacks, previous restoration attempts had. Thank you, Gary, for all of the work you put into this special blog series. A section of the episode in which Schneider and Miarecki discuss the Deep Space 9 station studio model was also cut from the episode as aired, but was likewise posted as a vidcast on the official website. 'Star Trek' Superfans Restore Galileo Shuttlecraft to 1960s Sci-Fi Glory The Galileo shuttlecraft from TV's "Star Trek" is shown fully restored after a yearlong project led by Trek superfan Adam Schneider of New Jersey. Thanks for this fascinating information on the Galileo props. Hi jamie good to here you got alot of requests for the 1,1000 K’tinga hope you do it after the voyage can you reissue the AMT 1,650 and 1,1000 Klingon D7 again and do romulan decals with both kits from the animated series, I was at the restored shuttle’s unveiling Houston event in 2013. In the process, he became the "the guy who collects the models." With any luck, they’ll be around for many more years to come. I supplied artwork for the external markings, plus additional information, and Will Smith built a replacement “busy box”, a collection of gizmos hidden behind a fold-down panel on the aft end of the shuttle, which Spock and Scotty would work on every time the shuttle got stranded on an alien world. Over the next two months, the shop’s employees de-salted the shop and the mock-up, and then they went to work on the Galileo. Adam Schneider 6,801 views. As long-time scenic art supervisor and Trek historian, Michael Okuda, explained, Set Decorator John Dwyer found the shuttlecraft miniature in storage at Paramount. Also, I kind of like the version with the black front, too. Star Trek TOS - Shuttlecraft Galileo Unveiling at Space Center Houston - Duration: 14:21. 23 October 1954 They apparently filmed the scenes at Space Center Houston. Shuttlecraft are fictional vehicles in the Star Trek science fiction franchise built for short trips in space, such as between a planetary surface and orbit. Adam Schneider A Star Trek studio model collector, Schneider restored the Shuttle Craft Galileo, a full-size prop from the original Star Trek series. Cat Roberts as Lt. Palmer in Star Trek Continues Episode 3. Adam Schneider and Alec Peters are refurbishing the 24-foot (7.3 meter) long Shuttlecraft Galileo used to shuttle the crew of the Starship Enterprise back and forth from the ship. The entire front bulkhead (the panel with the windows) was missing, and overall surface was cracked pretty badly. Adam Louis Schneider (born 23 October 1954; age 66) is a noted American Star Trek memorabilia collector, of the actual production-used physical studio models in particular. Jul 31, 2013 - The fan-restored Shuttlecraft Galileo from the original 'Star Trek' science fiction TV series has warped into Space Center Houston for public display. Adam Schneider ’78 has restored a Star Trek shuttlecraft and donated it to Johnson Space Center. See where the sci-fi icon is headed now. The 22-foot mock-up did not possess corresponding roof panels, which makes financial sense. Is that the intent? Afterwards, Greg Jein finished restoring the model to its original appearance, sans landing gear. The auction price was holding at around $20,000, but on June 28, 2012, the bidding came to a head when three bidders jumped in during the last 90 seconds of the auction. In 2016, the Galileo was loaned to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City, and upon its return to Houston, the shuttle was ignominiously displayed in a corner of the museum’s cafeteria. Adam Schneider, a collector of numerous Star Trek studio miniatures, placed the winning bid of $70,150.00, and the Galileo became by far the largest spaceship model in his collection. Exhibit and attraction staff, Special features staff, Star Trek publication editor, Star Trek Shuttlecraft Galileo - Restored June 2013 - "Beauty Shots" at the restoration site. New Jersey, USA Dwyer took the model down to the effects shop to have it refurbished. The most significant error that they made was that the front panel, instead of being replaced with a new solid piece with three windows, was replaced with a single piece of dark Plexiglas “window”. Sturdy Marine-grade plywood replaced the flimsy Masonite, and the finished shuttle was painted with marine-grade paint. Gene Winfield, who had originally built the Galileo, suggested that a builder of wooden boats might be best suited for the job, and Adam selected Master Shipwrights Design and Restoration, which specialized in restoring antique and classic boats, to do the restoration. Le livre d'illustrations Tales From The Loop de Simon Stalenhag sera adapté en série télévisée par Amazon Prime. [6] As stated, all efforts were funded by Schneider himself. The Galileo was originally featured on the original “Star Trek” TV series in 1967 and restored by Schneider and his team. In 1987, though, the Galileo model unexpectedly reappeared. 4, STAR TREK Modeling: A Brief History of the Shuttlecraft Galileo Pt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Principal’s log: Stardate 2006 While Schneider has been a loyal “Trekkie” and devoted fan of the original Star Trek series since his youth, he didn’t begin collecting TV or movie memorabilia until 2006.

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