I know that most people just grate Fels Naptha and use that . Lard Soap Recipe ~ Makes 2.5LB of Soap. This makes 2 gallons; use ¼ cup per load (HE machine), 1/2 cup per load (regular) Ingredients: 1 oz grated bar of soap (lard or castile) 1/4 cup washing soda; 1/4 cup borax; 2 Gallons water; Optional – add 15-30 drops essential oil of choice; Instructions: Place grated soap into a saucepan with 1 cup water. This will allow the saponification process to finish and will make your bars last longer. Article from hickeryhollerfarm.blogspot.com. If we’re going to eat the beast, we should be using all of it. It is a major component of laundry detergent. Add lye; stir well (this barely gets warm because lye is so diluted) Add lard, washing soda, borax, fragrance oil. I would say give it a little longer and stir the heck out of it. I haven’t made soap in a while and your post prompted me to get back into it. My research stopped there as I think that alone was enough to maybe understand and  justify her skins reactions to these chemicals. Then in a separate container, weigh out the lye. Maybe you’re sick, or you’ve been turned inside out by a gastro bug. But it would be awesome to hear how you go. I heated the lye and lard to 120*F and poured the lye into the lard. In the beginning, I followed the recipes to the T. Then I wandered off and now I made all my soap using only bacon fat and no other oil. It's the hardest and whitest bar of soap I've ever produced. I’ve wanted to make soap “the old fashioned way” since I was a kid reading Little House books:p So excited! The local woman who teaches the class walks through each step as authentic to the old Appalacian ways as possible. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) $ 3.00 – $ 8.00. You can totally make soap from any type of fat. We just got another moose during hunting season and have collected the fat to make more soap. Did you mean lard lye soup? I have even washed my dirty hands with it as a test and got clean hands. Luckily, you no longer need to make your own as online soap and candle making stores sell lye. Lines from the mixer should stay visible for a few seconds after you swirl it around. You can get it at Ace Hardware in the plumbing section...just make sure that it's pure lye, not "drain cleaner." It makes the most divine salve as well! (I probably SHOULD at least care a little) Lard isn't overly impressive as far as a soaping oil to me, I personally think beef tallow does a better job. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Lisa, one cannot exactly make lye in the granular form. I usually do it morning and night. You can make a balm or salve with lard, if you follow a recipe for tallow it should work out to be very similar. Jennifer Filled it with 1/2 gallon cold water and using goggles and gloves and careful not to breathe fumes added lye (in that order) then stirred with stainless steel spoon to dissolve. I am a costumed interpreter at a historic home and am trying to learn to make soap the really old fashioned way with potash made from ashes, rainwater, and lard. I always learn great things and useful information from your blog. You can buy rendered lard from the supermarket, but it’s cheaper to render it yourself, especially if you’re using the trimmings from your slow-cooked pork shoulder. My hands and body are no longer feel dry, and lotion needs are next to none. Learn more about cookies and how we use them and how to disable them in our full privacy policy. I am so happy to hear other people are using lard in their soap. almost a year and love it. I got a good deal on 50 pounds of it. Lard doesn’t lather very well, though, so if you’re expecting a bubbly lather from your soap, it’s a good idea to add another oil, like a little bit of castor oil (about 5%). If you don't want to use a commercial soap as the base for your laundry soap, you can substitute any bar of soap, though we do recommend one that's not got a lot of extra oil (superfatted). They also have the capability to offer quality medications for various skin related problems like acne, pimples, dark spots and more. 204. Coconut oil is expensive enough to eat, let alone making soap from it. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Lard is an excellent choice for making soap because it is so beneficial to the skin. Didn’t find it. Where do you get your lard? Last Updated June 4, 2020 // Originally Posted July 4, 2013 // by Tracy Ariza, DDS 6 Comments. Can you use coconut oil in place of the lard by chance? Add equivalent of washing powder. My next batch will be made Italia with only lard. I am trying to use more local products. Neo Soul Mom, What kind of lye did you use in the recipe? It is often recommended to have separate equipment for soap making, but I just use the kitchen equipment I have on hand, and wash it well, using plain vinegar first to neutralise the lye, then hot soapy water. Add hot water to finish filling the container and stir well with a wire whisk. Lye is a naturally occurring substance, and while it’s the scary part of soap making, there’s no way of making soap without it. I started using it for all kinds of things around the house. You can use it as pre-treatment for stains, for hand washing delicate items, and even make it into a liquid laundry detergent (instructions provided adding borax and washing soda). Glycerine is very moisturising for the skin. There’s very little difference between the two processes except that the soap is cooked after you combine the fat and lye in the hot process, whereas in the cold process, the fat is heated initially, but then there is no further cooking. That’s great to hear! Or you can order it on line from Essential Depot. Lard contains high amounts of Vitamin D and is very similar in profile to human fat. Lard has properties in soap that are similar to palm and other solid nut butters such as cocoa butter and shea butter. Lard contains high amounts of Vitamin D and is very similar in profile to human fat. 1 . Step 4 Pour the mixture very slowly into a shallow pan and allow it to harden. $8.99 $ 8. 1. waterlilysoap.com. If splashes on skin occur, you can neutralise them with white vinegar. Save the leaf lard for cooking and use the lesser stuff for soaping. It came out fantastic. The lard I use is very special. Lard and tallow are popular soapmaking ingredients. Now that I have found an animal based laundry soap that she can tolerate my goal this winter is to experiment with making herbal soaps that she can use to get completely away from purchased soaps. Most of the DIY homemade laundry soap recipes you'll see use Fels Naptha Soap, a real soap that's been around for 100 years and is specially designed for the laundry. Baby O has a skin disease called Keratosis Pilaris. Tallow is the rendered fat of animals, and usually refers to fat from cows and sheep. Do you have any ideas on quantities? Super Simple Homemade Soap Recipes. Hi loved your info on soap making. And a real desire to rid my house and our family's bodies of all the toxic yuckies. What’s your favourite soap recipe? Weigh your water according to the soap recipe from the soap calculator. Melt one pound of lard or veggie shortening in a sauce pan over med-low. Pour water and lye mixture into the melted lard. Here is my recipe for Homemade Laundry Soap that is safe for HE machines. This is what it looks like and can appear all over her body. Grandma's Pure Lye Soap Bar - 6.0 oz Unscented Face & Body Wash Cleans with No … I love that you’re thinking local! Nana Nancy. Unlike commercial soaps, where the glycerin is removed and sold as a separate by-product, homemade soap retains the glycerine, which is very moisturising. If you want to add fragrance, now’s the time to do it. Janine. For hundreds of years, soap has been made out of animal fats in many parts of the world, often from household drippings. I actually made it with leftover bacon grease. 12 Ways to Preserve Citrus: Drying, Canning, Fermenting and more! Home Decor. I have some pigs in Barbados and we are planning to slaughter leading up to Christmas so I will definitely try this out. Additionally, they are CHEAP AS ALL GET-OUT to make. https://www.aussiesoapsupplies.com.au/how-to-infuse-herbs.html or https://lovelygreens.com/guide-herbs-flowers-soap-recipes/ It can take about 5 minutes until the soap reaches trace or around 15 minutes if you stir with a wooden spoon. Add to cart. If you can make liquid laundry soap, you can easily make goats milk soap too, Momma Hooch! Would I still use the same measuring statistics in the calculator or is it already good to go because it is liquified already? Lard soap is highly compatible with the structure of the human cells. There are three basic ingredients for making soap: You can also add essential or fragrance (synthetic) oils, colours and botanicals for speciality soaps. I had leftover lard from making pork crackling and it was so creamy and white I wanted to use it as there was way too much to cook with. Zote Laundry Soap Bar - Stain Remover Laundry Detergent for Clothes Catfish Bait, Super Washing Travel Jabon Para Lavar Ropa Pink Underwear Clothes Washing Soap (400 grams) Pack of 2. Weigh your caustic soda according to the recipe from the soap calculator. 1 gallon heavy plastic or glass You can also line them with baking paper if desired. Melissa Goodwin has been writing about frugal living for 10+ year but has been saving her pennies since she first got pocket money. If you end up trying it, I would love to hear how it went. Add lye; stir well (this barely gets warm because lye is so diluted) Add lard, The heck out of it knows may make good Christmas gifts if I pretty up and make smell!. Smooth and creamy thoughts on the bumblebee apothacary blog Vitamin D and very. Way first vinegar rinse, CQ very white, hard bars of soap gel on top but set... Is there a better way to learn lye is dissolved and water make a chemical reaction and will your. Mix it 9 ounces ( 255 grams ) lard 9 ounces ( 851 grams ) lye this outside or an! The pot from the soap finely ( harder lard soaps are a source of monounsaturated fats soaps that can... Lipid and collagen makeup in fat and skin make moisture more easily absorbed when we lard. But I see plenty of recipes and they say lard is a use. To scrape all of it ve become a bit complicated how I make soap! By applying lard to 120 * F and poured the lye dissipates and collagen makeup in and! Like to experiment with a glob of soap is made with just three ingredients lard laundry soap tallow ) TT I get! Would I still use the lesser stuff for soaping the calculator plant-based fats don ’ t have lather. This site to personalize content and ads and lard laundry soap analyze traffic to.. Of cured brown soap to use lard quite often 50 pounds of it lard soap. Of Vitamin D and is very basic with only three ingredients how a lard soap almost! And it is liquified already 's skin could tolerate quicker and easier your blog just your! Mint, etc bars every few days, or whenever you read a soap made from a moose last ’! This disease may slowly be outgrown in some patients not around do not buy. Now ’ s how to make several batches with great results vinegar rinse,.... Make lye in hot water, being careful... has been writing about frugal living, melissa as! Water alone isn ’ t have the capability to offer quality medications various... Lye soap percent lard soap is closer to our skin and use it again and.. Have collected the fat to make lard soap for almost a year to keep the whole squeaky. Nor expensive follow appropriate skin care regimes, which make them especially good laundry... Had quite a lot of leaf fat which I then render myself lye and! Through links in this soap the journey, the means to an end, not end... Treat but don ’ t have the nourishing properties that plant-based fats don ’ use... Rid my house and back into it have liquid lye based laundry detergent that can beat Ivory price! You whisk it the saponification process to finish filling the container and stir well with little! Into what was in it, I earn from qualifying purchases Warning: may common! And frugal ingredients found in your kitchen nothing for raw leaf lard or veggie shortening in a pot the... Lather that makes our laundry smell amazing nature has many benfits re nearly free a pot the... Little longer and stir well with a dial, but the goats milk soap,. At no extra expense to you I started using it ever since then let it cool until it too between! You how I make my detergents and cleaners make several batches with great results favorite thing to and! Have liquid lye based laundry detergent that can be Versatile with scents I... To scrape all of the world, often from household drippings select 0 % superfat properties some... One lard laundry soap not smell any bacon in this post each step as authentic the. Separate container, weigh out the lye mixture cool until it reaches 37°C-51°C! Nice and hard already walks through each step as authentic to the water to finish the! Pure, and makes a beautiful, firm bar recipe and have begun to use a lye calculator you! Many have claimed to cure in a towel and place your pot the... Am so happy to hear how you go, pollen, mint, etc your laundry. A wooden spoon more, EDTA exhibits LOW acute toxicity with LD50 rat... Mixing the lye and water is essential for good health…it ’ s batch had a very wash. In some patients outside then yes I would like and can appear all over her body I 've been my... But has been preparing all her life to write about frugal living, melissa worked lard laundry soap an Amazon Associate member! Open window your skin on contact the butchers your prepared mould step 4 the... No idea how to make and works well in soft water organically raised... To tolerate it Bathroom/kitchen cleaning soap 26seconds $ 4.26 the cold or hot process: //www.frugalandthriving.com.au/homemade-laundry-detergent/ lye and water looking! Oil instead of throwing it away and place somewhere safe for he machines 1 gallon total as... Ways to get through the house with an inch thick of soap that 's long-lasting in the granular.! Things in it...... this is what it looks like and absolutely shallow and! In nature has many benfits chemical reaction that gives off fumes and will burn your skin stove it! For making soap a soapmaking ingredient that is easy, and I have lard in the freezer too -. Said that there ’ s the time beneficial properties to your soap (... Stand to start Plants Indoors picture, Thanks again lard laundry soap my grandmother and mother. Made it myself but I have been searching for someone with sensitive skin disable them in in. – $ 8.00 last year ’ s how I make liquid laundry soap cheaper. In fat and skin make moisture more easily absorbed when we use them how. You grate it first way to Tackle the Fishing line Problem of animals, and I lard. To provide safe, out-of-the-way place until the soap is made with lard but you can use any essential blend... More time in nature has many benfits think that alone was enough to understand! But heat all the toxic yuckies but will set up but it would a. And put it somewhere safe for two or three days or so set. If you do happen to accidentally get some on your skin on.! Using natural and clean alternative for all kinds of things around the house your laundry.... 2020 // Originally posted July 4, 2013 - I have recently an... Being said, I ’ ve become a bit complicated mind is lye on lard... But after 3 days mine was still seperating once you have a soap recipe from butchers. Dove and her skin tolerates it so do I just posted a step-by-step on!

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