All cattlemaster chutes can be ordered with scale and undercarriage.

Cattle Handling System. CCWH Calf Chute CMG Grooming Chute
CMHT Hoof Trimming Chute CMRD Rolling Door CMSG Alley Frame
CMVC Veal Chute CMWC Weigh Chute CPF Checker Plate Floor.
D90P Headgate D9 Headgate D90 Headgate with Neck Extender
CSF Mineral Feeder D90SP Cattle Chute EXC Extension Cage
MWR Feeder RHF Feeder HRHF 48 Feeder
LC9 Loading Chute Parallel Axis
Squeeze Chute
Parallel Axis Chute
H13 Multi-Bale Feeder HG8 Hay and Grain Feeder  

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