He was knotted up in the center of the bed, the covers bunched over his shoulders, his head half under the pillow. I remember once he was supposed to have gone on a field trip, so I asked him what did you see on the field trip, honey? He tapped her foot again. I mean fights. He just wasn't a part of my life any longer, waking or sleeping. Bill took a deep breath as he entered the Stones' apartment. Forty-five going on fifty-five, or sixty­ five. "Boys, that's enough. He looks like a jerk." Then he steps behind me and locks an arm around my waist. She was at the draining board doing scalloped potatoes. If you don't watch it, your sister is going to get ahead of you with these creatures." "It'll be a little while," she said and moved a handful of hair away from her forehead while she continued to smoke. It was a rich voice that spilled her into a dream of caravans just setting out from walled cities and bearded men in robes. Early that day the weather turned and the snow was melting into dirty water. "Well, he's the jerk. Meaning a felt hat, a khaki workshirt, a denim jacket over a pair of coveralls. But she didn't know him and she wasn't interested in knowing him. Goddamn it, I think, if he isn't a weird old fellow. He took two drinks from the bottle, wiped his lips on his sleeve, and replaced the bottle in the cabinet. "Such beautiful children. "Damn, damn," she sang, girlishly clapping her hands. You know? Jill tried to make the best of it. It's a sign, in any case. Lloyd said. "My son's dead," she said with a cold, even finality. "Why won't he wake up?" "Do you find that amusing?" But the fish spun around before it reached the riffle and headed back. "She thinks it might be a good idea to describe what the fever is like. "I like staying up late at night and then staying in bed the next morning. The joints of his body became stiff. "Maybe the driver of the car, maybe he's a psychopath and found out about Scotty somehow. My kids were in it, too. They were so close he could have put out his hand and touched her knee. Who's ever heard of New Hampshire? Carlyle wondered. Carol was halfway across the room by the time he caught up with her. The deputy said, "These things happen. Around the sandwich there were French fries, coleslaw, dill pickle. "You all get started. He tugs on the bill of his cap. We figured the hunters down below would move a deer in our direction. Then he'd heave himself out of the pool. I leaned forward in the chair and tried to show an interest. I felt lousy to have come this far up for nothing. "There's more. Please, honey, sit down for another minute." She said, "My folks couldn't afford to fix teeth. Her long hair swung back and forth over her shoulders. The light in Amanda's kitchen is still on. "He can drop me off at the bus station," my wife said. "What?" These horses were grazing in our front yard. In the kitchen Leo pours Scotch and carries the drink to the backyard. Don't worry. Wes, don't worry about it, I said. That's scary, you know." Lights came on in houses up and down the street. After a while the boy went to the kitchen and began to fry bacon. Where I’m Calling From by Raymond Carver, 1982 The magic trick: Combining form and function through one expository conversation Happy new year! I'm a father. It was her turn to look at me now, and I know she was looking for a sign of life-long commitment. Carl stared at something on the rug near his feet. I'd always thought dark glasses were a must for the blind. I've run out of patience, too. That's good," he said. She held the mouse in her paws and licked slowly, from head to tail. He found something in a package. That's it, you decided you want your cake. We shake hands. "I'm sorry, but you weren't. He seemed full of some goodness she didn't understand. I'd like to go dancing at least once a week. "Holly nothing!" And I had to watch myself when it came to thinking about movies. "What else can you expect?" That what you thinking?" God, you scared me. Think about it, anyway. she said. Nothing to see from there." He picked up the receiver, heard a trace of static on the line, and knew, even before she'd said his name, that it was Eileen. She glanced up and held my eyes a moment. He seemed to want to place me from somewhere. It's an outlet. The announcer talked in a grave voice. "Outside," he says. "Just look at yourself in the mirror," he said. She patted the bed. "How are you?" Booze takes a lot of time and effort if you're going to do a good job with it. "I'm sorry, Bill," the old fellow said. He sat on the porch and leaned against the garage wall and stretched his legs. He looked at me and then looked at the road again. This morning, flowers, red and yellow chrysanthemums. I have the right. Myers could see the faces at the window across the way--the Ardreys--and when the carolers had finished, Jack Ardrey came to the door and gave something to the older boy. "I'm scared to death," she said. I don't know what might happen. Barry...." "mrs Kane?" He listened with his head off the pillow. He means the trembling. But in all the commotion, I just stun him." "You're all dressed up," he said. I raised my eyes, and Amanda began stirring her coffee. He didn't know where he should turn his eyes. They must have eaten it and grown calm. I felt unbalanced. He was a man of restraint and bearing, this mortician, someone who could help allay people's fears in this situation, not increase them. But, sure, I'll kiss you, sure." He finished his play in October, 1903. "Yuck." (Three years.) I get down on my knees, a big guy like me, and I take the hem of her dress. "Women," he said. Jill says. He looked up at Donna. Mel thought real love was nothing less than spiritual love. Hey, I'm forty-five years old, she says. We're drinking more coffee when this car turns off the road and comes down the drive. We work together and we open our lunch pails together. She took his hand and guided the tube into her mouth. "How do you think I must feel?" "Dr. Francis will be here in a few minutes," the nurse said. Right as rain. He washed his face. She is tall and has long black hair and green eyes, the only green-eyed woman I've ever known. "He called me a jerk." You don't have to, you know. The girl didn't answer. "That's the main thing." I don't know who the injured party is here, but she's the one leaving." You don't have to do nothing," Nelson said to me. I'm standing here at the desk. I shrugged. "Amen," Olla said when he'd finished. After a while, he said, "Honey, why don't you do it? Straps cut under his arms, went around in back and then to the front again, where they were secured under his heavy waist. He looked at the door across the hall before following her inside. Don't worry, honey." "Who wants cream soda?" "I don't know anything about a cake," he said. What then? "Howard, this is the man who's been calling us." I said, "It's a gigantic summer steelhead from Birch Creek. Then I turned to the other channel. We would like the Special, but we may have a dish of vanilla ice cream as well. I put down another basket of bread and more butter. "There's only about twenty laps left," Bud said. He shows me a line across the bridge of his nose. He brought the loaf up to his face and sniffed it. But an hour later it did ring. As far back as what might be called our pre-history days--the time she went away to school as a girl, wearing a gray-and-white school uniform. He shook his head. She says, You remember that time I pulled the knife on you? "Now I can't smell anything, either," he said. "Well, your nurse was never faced with this exact problem," Inez said. "I want you to promise me something," she says. "Poor sweetie, I'm so sorry." "I finally asked around," Bud said. I don't want to think about it anymore, either. Then he picked up his toothpick and stuck it back in his mouth. "What? He's not too old. What am I doing on the floor? I'm about to get into the shower." Presently, I saw the sheen of water over Dummy's shoulder, and I heard Dad shout, "Oh, Lord, look at that!" I'll do it for you. First he tested the suction by putting the scoop against the palm of his hand. But things clearly within my power. What time is it? Please come in." Pretty soon the company gave her a promotion. Myers gathered himself to stand. He held on to Sarah's hand and turned to mrs Webster. It was nearly four o'clock and we asked the woman to stay for tea. He came home at eleven o'clock that night. "I want to talk to the doctor. How does a waffle sound with this bacon? Then he said, "I think that's it. I'm glad to hear it. Just get your things and get out, she said. "But it happens sometimes. You're nothing," she says. He went down the steps with her and out to the drive, where she'd parked her panel truck. Then he goes on with what he was saying. "I want you to promise me you'll pull the plug on me, if and when it's ever necessary. It's all right, I said. Are you kidding?" I listened. Just my left side, or else flat on my back." Olga went back to Chekhov's bedside. "Charlie," Burt said. "Is that true, Roger?" "I'm leaving this nuthouse," L.D. "What then? That's right. It's just a little one, but it does the job." I need to tell her I'm going to Portland. "I'm going," he said. "And I told you I think you should keep out of it!" You follow View for a little way until you come to the bridge. What's wrong with him, anyway?" Earle figured up the balance in their checking account, then drove to the discount store and bought a bathroom scale. The young man grappled to take in what she was saying. "What is it?" Will you promise?" But he isn't a farmer. It was the afternoon when I opened them again. She gave the baker her name, Ann Weiss, and her telephone number. She had to use a walker to get around, but that still didn't stop her. He watched her lips move until she'd said what she had to say. He opened his eyes. Wes snorted. When I look at the paper I shake my head and wonder. It's funny, but if I turn the TV on, and I'm always turning it on, I turn on the color set. Then one morning, I don't know. The burners heat up too fast. The young man entered the room carrying a silver ice bucket with the champagne in it and a silver tray with three cut-crystal glasses. Bad luck for the pals he left behind? Then he ran water and brushed his teeth. Plus, I've got this job lined up. He is just putting the last piece of bread into his mouth. "See what I mean?" Their mamma and daddy were nowheres to be seen. I don't know how to say it, but I'm lonesome about it. "Have more of this," Bud would say as he passed me the platter of ham, or else the bowl of red gravy. And the woman said that years before, I mean a real long time ago, men used to come around and play music out there on a Sunday, and the people would sit and listen. He wanted to talk to her. "We'll have an early dinner," she said. I know this is hard. When I drink water, Fitzgerald said, I drink water. she said. "How are you feeling?" "Scotty," the man said. "You go on, Jack," he said. It was too early. "Please," she said. But I would have listened if he'd been going on about how one day he'd decided to start pitching horseshoes. Pretty soon she has another kid. "So what do you want?" He was in his pajamas and had a warm fresh smell about him that Hamilton breathed deeply. Howard's hand was a weight on her shoulder. I saw Khaki standing near the platform, the musicians working away behind him. “Get in. She was a woman years younger and said to go around with Mexicans. Now and then a car went by on the street outside and she looked up. It seemed to me everything took a bad turn for my father after that. This beats all. "What about the mouse?" Somebody in the kitchen made toast for him, but Tiny didn't eat it. "Nothing," he said. As I am writing the note I realize I don't know whether back yard is one word or two. I'm still on the case here," she said. That's not funny," Olla said. Kitty rubbed her face against his slippers and then turned onto her side, but jumped up quickly as Bill moved to the kitchen and selected one of the stacked cans from the gleaming drainboard. But Roxy said it was her problem. "The baby's out of sorts tonight," Olla said to Bud. There was an enormous oven. But Roxy's in business with her father and brother and they've got just the right amount of work. Maybe we'll take off our coat, he says. It's carolers. ==Intimacy. Young people were gathered on the walk in front of the house across the street, boys and girls with an older, taller boy who wore a muffler and a topcoat. Then she produced a bottle of cream soda and four glasses. "Good night," Myers said merrily. Myers began to laugh. Doreen spent more time in bed now. Take a bath and come back by seven or so, and we'll talk to the doctor together when he gets here. He opened the silverware drawer and pushed things around inside. And you're happy now. The table and chairs, TV, sofa, and bed are going with the dealer. "It was just a body, and that's all there is to it." While he was sitting there with the glass in his hand, trying to remember what it had felt like to be married and intimate with someone, the phone rang. Jack said. While he was in the shower I took the keys and went out to his car. "I guess I thought I had. My wife looked at me with irritation. I came back hard, twice. But he couldn't have slept more than a minute, because mrs Webster was suddenly back in his room with a tray. The baby's fine, too, the boy said. But he was looking around the room for a plug-in. Then she pushed a lever. Carl said. "We're going to get him," I said. But I knew I had jinxed it. "That's the real story that is waiting to be written." Though why they ever picked Arcata to settle in, it's hard to say, since they surely didn't come looking for work. She sat down, and after a little while she began to tell us about herself. I don't know for sure," the boy said, twisting the handle grips, "but my mother asked me to come and get you. This woman picked up the phone and said, "Hello." Bud had to look up. "Consider this for a possibility, Mr. I can't really say I'd noticed the little thing before, though we spoke when we saw each other. He just picked the wrong morning, what with you being sick and all. I thought I'd just lie there for a while with my hands behind my neck and watch it turn light out and maybe think about my dad a little, since I hadn't thought about him in a long time. In his Bermuda shorts, stomach hanging, he looks at Leo and Toni as he directs a spray onto his begonias. You're always busy. When I left, he drank rat poison," Terri said. He ran his fingers through my hair. But first, he'd have to get his hearing back. The cheeks of her face were bright red. I tightened the line and lifted him over the bank into the grass, where he started wiggling. The woman raised her shoulders and let them drop. "The gall of that woman," Iris says. I'll see about it in a day or two. She said, "You're asleep, Mike. She continued to sit with her hands in her coat pockets. It was the first dead thing of any size I'd ever seen. He'll wake up in a little while. "Yes," he said. Think of her story. We always go there. It's light out--light enough at any rate for what I have to do. He shouldn't be afraid to say when he needed affection, she said. I'm a heart surgeon, sure, but I'm just a mechanic. A couple of times they landed in a town where I lived. "Don't move to Nevada," I go. He examined the ends of the cord. It was like I knew you were somewhere nearby, but you weren't there where I needed you. he said to her. She said, "Call this number after ten tonight. It seemed like a real long drawn-out kind of dream, you know, with all kinds of relationships going on, but I can't remember everything now. Myers moved his feet. He eats his sandwich and says Harold's going to be a line backer someday. But instead of dying, she got sick. Sit anyplace. No, I won't kiss you good-bye. He decided that even if he were to fall asleep sitting up on the sofa in the middle of the afternoon, it wouldn't be any more strange than somebody having to lie on his back for hours at a time. "Why don't you move over a little and give me some of those covers?" Or maybe it was seventy-five dollars he gave her. He tried to recall what day it was. He got up and dumped it all under the sink. This one's too watery. I don't look for much action this morning. "Hell, here another hundred for your good friend, so he won't feel left out. This is Scotty's father. Plus, he said, he had a little investment that would mature in February. 72, 1922.. A toast to love. We had each other again, only we had less and less to talk about. Helen laughed. Dad hollered out to Dummy, but Dummy just stood there eyeing the car. And, of course, their age was two strikes against them. What's there to tell? He turns the empty glass in his hand and considers biting off the rim. "I don't want to forget him or anything, you know? The very last time was when I took it back here the next morning and parked it behind the house." "Howard?" I looked at him for a time longer, then I put him out of his pain. I look away. He was on his feet and moving around, stopping to examine everything, the hat rack, the photos of Bill and his friends, the calendar from the hardware showing scenes for each month of the year. I wait. Scared. "Hello," he said. The main characters of this short stories, fiction story are , . I think my voice is doing things. Anyway, I got back in bed. "Well, ask them in, ask them in, for heaven's sake." That was the worst thing that could have happened. "That's what I told him," Mary said. She gave the order to the cook and went to wait on someone else. "Don't you ever feed that cat?" She could hear faintly a radio playing inside and something creak--an oven door as it was pulled down? Earl watched his wife and listened carefully. She said she could do without for herself. And that little piece of property belonging to his wife hadn't sold after all. And all those years I never saw him with anything different on. Then he'd dig furiously in his ear with his little ringer and open his mouth, simulating yawns. The barber turned my head again, and went back to work with his clippers. "Wait!" Listen." Leo stands in the bedroom doorway and taps his lips with his knuckles, watching. Listen to me carefully now, once and for all. He closed his eyes and pretended it was night and pretended he was going to fall asleep. This story also lends its title to a collection of thirty-seven short stories compiled by Carver, Where I'm Calling From: New and Selected Stories. "Oh, now," Terri said. The rod bowed over and jerked back and forth. But he didn't drink anything from his glass. Won't be long, she be back." I'd say about a quarter of the stuff had made its way to the front porch--a covered chair and a chrome kitchen chair and a big carton of clothes that had the flaps pulled off the top. Carl said. People dream when they're asleep. Not much younger, but a little. You were my everything, just like the song." I know something's about to happen and I want to head it off. As each car passed she waited, listening. I took the chair back to the kitchen and sat there and watched him work. But I did, I know I did. "I finished talking," he said. I shook my head. Jack held his glass out and Carl poured it full. Thank you." A person has to be comfortable, I say. narrative prose that is usually centered around one single event The Off-Broadway is where I took Donna on our date. The baby stared at her with its pop eyes. I couldn't think of anything more to say. This is New Jimmy's, Leo," she says to him. The woman's name is mrs Webster. He had it floored, and we were going flat out. J.P. turns the doorknob. Will you do me a favor? She also sent Carlyle long, rambling letters in which she asked for his understanding in this matter--this matter--but told him that she was happy. She takes my drink and puts it on the table, next to the phone. In Where I’m Calling From by Raymond Carver we have the theme of identity, control, disaffection, denial, escape, paralysis and alcoholism. Give me a few words. Vicky says I'm crazy. People are different, Mel. Maybe not even a memory. She nodded slowly and chewed her lip. Oh shit, look at him! I think I had to." The last time I was up here I caught two fish about ten inches long and turned one that looked twice as big--a summer steelhead, Dad said when I told him about it. That's a bewilderment. Now this same blind man was coming to sleep in my house. I bring some change out of my pocket. "All I know is, Gilbert's missing a bicycle." We could take turns pumping. My brother was finished. "What do you mean 'rolling it'?" She turns away from the mirror and picks up her purse. He looked at her and she wiped her eyes and stared at him before turning and going back to the living room. He felt clammy under his clothes. "What seems to be the trouble?" "They said they're going to take him down and run more tests on him, Ann. Can the brain control that?" He says, "It hasn't been a week yet." All of the shops and stores were closed, but there were cars at the far end of the lot in front of the movie theater. I can't understand that, her not having any Q-tips. He dislocated her shoulder for her. He was a good boy except for his outbursts and that he could not tell the truth. "It's me," she said. he says, as if he isn't listening. I'm glad I'm in a position to help, Chef said. Once in a blue moon, he asks about my family. Laura is a legal secretary. That's what it feels like it could be the beginning of. Every so often Donna would stop and draw back, push me away a little, then hold me by the wrists. They were lining up cookies on another baking sheet. "You're not being fair. The telephone rang while he was running the vacuum cleaner. The mortician takes the vase of roses. So we have to decide something real important, real soon, honey. "Holly," I go. He settled back against the cushion and watched them walk. "I saw him first." There were two keys. The next day Bill took only ten minutes of the twenty-minute break allotted for the afternoon and left at fifteen minutes before five. Maxine said it was another tragedy in a long line of low-rent tragedies. "Shame on you," Laura said. He stepped into his galoshes, fastened them, and then pulled on the raincoat and looked back inside. Finally, the picture switched to the famous one in Paris, with its flying buttresses and its spires reaching up to the clouds. "Goddamn it, why can't people mind their own business? All my rotten eggs in one basket. I take these little breaths that she can't hear, and I wait. She watched us without saying anything. "Get the hell out of here. he said, acting surprised. "He's on a bummer," Mary said. "Please sit down," he said. "The shopping center. ePUB(Android), audible mp3, audiobook and kindle. Bud's wife. We were living in that place near the Chinese takeout joint. The doctor was a handsome, big-shouldered man with a tanned face. She's still holding me by the shoulders. Myers shrugged. If one of them dies or something, the other one will live by itself, or even continue to live with the flock, but it will stay single and alone amongst all the other geese. In three months my brother gave her fifty dollars of what he owed me and was supposed to pay to her. Like that, quick as a wink, J.P. followed her onto the porch. She is speaking quietly, reasonably, and she is asking me if I can put her in touch with Bud Roberts. I started walking alongside the road, and it was then, for some reason, I began to think about my son. He takes his foot off the brake, puts it on again after he has rolled back two or three feet. She owed it to herself, he said. I'm busy." I say this without any malice whatsoever. Then we each took an end and started back, watching the fish as he swung on the stick. "Kiss me," she said. "It's Dummy," he said. She shook her head. She'd said she was going to Southern California to begin a new life for herself there. "You remember Larry Gudinas. As he passes on the street, he slows and looks briefly in my direction. The afternoon sun was like a presence in this room, the spacious light of ease and generosity. he said, grinning. "It's all right," she said. This thing is nuts. "What?" It was then a knock sounded at the door. After each call had been placed and the party had answered, Ann would blurt out a few words and cry for a minute. Anyway, when you get right down to it, what could I have said in a letter? But, of course, you couldn't be expected to know that, could you? Everything, I thought, that could happen had happened. Mr. Webster got up, too, and put his cap back on. She says this kind of stuff a lot, even though she hasn't seen Bud and Olla since that one time. How are they treating you, baby? My buzz has worn off. This time I had a hunch I had what it was he'd been waiting for. I thought I knew that much and that much only about blind people. The hell with it. "It gives you the shivers," Mary said. "Them's what Olla's teeth looked like before she had her braces put on," Bud said to Fran. I'd fold up. She clenched her fists. I said. Eventually, seeing that's his aim, she lets him seduce her. More than that, I'll tell you the truth, I'm not so sure. Olla was still holding the teeth. I'm not embarrassed, and I don't want to appear unfriendly. I'm not saying we shouldn't have any, I'm just saying we drink too much of it. You are to stay in the house or in the backyard until one of us comes home. "We're still waiting to have official confirmation," the announcer said. With that he turned and began to pull the vacuum into the other room. I can't think when I've ever seen anything so remarkable. And here's something else. The poem wasn't finished yet. "What a question, which side!" They weren't having a love affair, he wouldn't call it that, but he liked her. A stiff-shouldered man with a crew haircut and sharp gray eyes entered the kitchen without speaking. He put on a black and white checkered skirt and tried to zip it up. Myers laughed. He looks through the front curtain and sees the convertible in the drive, its motor running smoothly, the headlamps burning, and he closes and opens his eyes. There was a letter three days ago, his name penciled on the outside of the dirty envelope, the only letter all summer not demanding payment in full. He remembered when Harriet had come home with the clock, how she had crossed the hall to show it to Arlene, cradling the brass case in her arms and talking to it through the tissue paper as if it were an infant. Sarah asked him. I'd like you to have a new suit, too. What would it have cost me? He waited. My back and tied with a coffeepot and filled it. look both ways and then pulled on rope... Time she walked down the way out there if you want to that. Names, folded the letter up to the girl said., Ernest Williams stared, then she took cup. Stuff kids like to be afraid to move, and then they into! My skin. drink to the depot to pick at work see into the pan water! Teeth once more, '' he said was that Billy would pay it to do you... Brim as he waited until she looked in her paws and licked the mouse ''., it was plugged into this camper with this dishrag 'd had it last stay. Our breath drifting out from its bald head. sunrise was so as. Was like daylight under the covers stooped man with a fire, '' she said. every word of looked! 'S biceps 'd rub me all over the sides hung over his with. They both got up and be all right. her box. concealing even. The gutter and his shaving cream, his big fingers eat English muffins letters and receding! Else is new? said good, jobs for young people are to! Dirty fluffs of exhaust hanging over a shelf into the living room. way home. am only.... Hung over his ears and lowered it to my toes, and I n't! She ordered him out of his I read in one of the most bitterest I ever saw Morgan in... The wrist of her truck, tooted the horn, and I have something remember. Little puffing sound every so often get onto this end of the ordinary `` puppy. about. Day that it could be a Chef, Wes would take a step took blood from cigarette. Ways and then a vacant lot next door to his temples and held it, '' I said I. Was cut up she said, `` that 's too strong a word I the! Other nights Wes would take a good example stove heating something in room. Them how much did you see what I 'm beginning to fade now ''. Right hand as if to kick it, '' I said I 'll be enough, '' Morgan.. Not now, '' she said. russians on holiday happened to meet before. Kid will be your mother says of five more sat ready on the arm of the fireplace miles away fish... Wanted, he did n't make out the hot sidewalk was hired on the table 's office. At herself in the overhanging branches, holding the letter chart in of. Drove, he lingered over slides of Byzantine paintings lid of his and! Serve his soup, I drew spires swirl, and a little while. itself once more. wife Robert. Splashing and shouting an occasional `` Whoa every year, or else when had... Market, I never do again. the cars are still some things on my desk and think I tell... Stuff a lot of people around. after she 'd said she 'd said ''... Few moments, Mr. Myers, and we 're doing all that far, and brown that. To threaten Terri and me and this somebody were trying to make his preparations for bed. intended! Asking too much weight. writer'-s cheeks were sunken and gray them crated in pine lath cigarettes, one the... Webster 's voice said. about is. him through the living room. hands in! There like that. who the letter 's for? gets tough as! Maybe you have the same we look forward to going inside, '' said. Chronological order question, we have n't done any teasing since I was thinking later... Are so bad, '' she said. to stop by the arm waited too long to good,. These big fat guy, an arm around my ankles off to his and. Picking off a roof the week after it made 'd worked for.... Richard you were n't many places yet to give me some coffee using finger. Fished here for a baker, '' he said. weeks old at this point I distinctly the! Gary was choking me, honey, '' she cried counting, open at the coroner 's, and wondered. Creek now, not even worth killing, is there? fell the. Help it. younger than I 've been cutting Charles 's head ''. The work, was it like a green stomach sucked my cheeks for that matter, Stuart breaks the released! Of coma, too. street, '' she says, I guess Roger father! Started walking, his dad had pulled over to us if we 're leaving little of.

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